Dehradun, July 21

People are unhappy with frequent traffic jams on arterial roads and busy inter-crossings in the city. The efforts of the city police to properly manage traffic to ease rush on roads have proved ineffective so far.
The problem of traffic congestion increases especially during school and office hours. Commuters struggle to reach their destinations due to a heavy rush in the city.
Traffic jams are a regular feature on Rajpur Road, EC Road, Subhash Road, Saharanpur Road, Araghar, GMS Road, Ballupur Chowk, Balliwala Chowk, ISBT crossing, Shastardhara crossing, Dharampur, and the Rispana bridge.
Local residents say long traffic jams are witnessed in the city when some political party or or organisation hold a rally or a procession. Traffic jams on water-logged roads after rain are also a regular feature.
Residents say encroachments by businessmen, slow progress of construction work, improper traffic management, absence of policemen at inter-crossings or arterial roads, and non-functional traffic lights are the major reasons for frequent traffic jams in the city.
Brig KG Behl, president of the All India Consumer Council, said a big increase in population, continuing constructions, and ever growing number of vehicles in the city had affected traffic management. The issue requires immediate attention and solution. Motorists should strictly adhere to traffic rules, he added.
Dehradun SSP Pushpak Jyoti said the traffic police wing had been provided additional staff to tackle the problem. The policemen had been instructed to impose a heavy fine on traffic offenders.

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