During the shooting session of Uttarakhandi Movie "Subero Gham".

Uttarakhand Film industry known as growing industry, it required a big hit for save it's future. Like other regional film industry Bhojpuri, Bangali, Punjabi etc., uttarakhand film industry need big production house. Now a days Uttarakhand Film Industry is making small budget films. They need big budget movies in future. We have Good Music, Good Actors, Good Directors and excellent aumbience for shooting. Location wise resource wise everything is perfect but without big banner uttarakhand film industry will always treat as dwarf film industry. Like other states Uttarakhand Government must initiate in this field. Provide better environment, permission for shooting in different locations grant for making some cultural films also.  

After such a long time one Uttarakhandi Movie urge its presence in Multiplex Cinema halls. This is the movie that earn more than other Garhwali movie ever. The name of this movie is "Subero Gham". Impressive story line, good casting and good performance performed by the actors also.

The main reason of the Uttarakhandi movie grab the success is Social Media. Everyday we heart about this movie in social media like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Actor Baldeve Rana's act in this movie like never before. He urge his presence all the time in this movie.  Actress Urmi also played brilliant role in this movie.

After watching this movie we are giving 4.0/5.0 Star rating.

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