Uttarkashi :  23 July, 2015

Uttarkashi residents have been living in fear of landslides after a massive crack was formed in Varunavat Parvat near Uttarkashi. According to experts the reason of crack formation was due to poor slope treatment methods used after an earlier landslide.

On September 24, 2003, a series of landslides on Varunavat occured burying houses, government buildings and tourist accommodations, affecting more than 3,000 residents. Twelve years later, Uttarkashi is once again in the grip of panic after the crack, which is 20 metres long and nearly 15 cm wide, developed on the Tambakhani face of the mountain.

Nearly 6,000 people live at the base of the Tambakhani face today and will be directly affected by any landslides on the mountain.

The crack has also raised questions about the quality of slope treatment of the mountain after the 2003 landslides.
Courtesy: News 18

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