Pithoragarh : 6 August, 2015

The Champawat district administration has started a search for genuine folk singers in the district after the state government formed a corpus for their welfare.
Cultural secretary Shailash Bagauli and Champawat District Magistrate Deependra Kumar Chaudhari quoted from the government order and said the state government had formed a corpus of Rs 5 crore for the purpose. The government would use the interest income from the corpus for economic welfare of folk singers. “A financial assistance of Rs I lakh will be given to the family of a folk singer on his or her death, condition of his disability or damage to his house in natural disasters,” said the District Magistrate.

According to the law, folk singers, who have been totally dependent on singing, will be eligible for financial assistance from the fund. “Financial assistance will also be provided to folk artistes who want to purchase traditional costumes or musical instruments for their use,” said Chaudhari.

Meanwhile, folk artistes have welcomed the initiative saying that the fund will encourage them to perform to their best ability. “This is a welcome initiative from the state government and it would help in promoting the dying art of folk singing in the state,” said Suresh Rajan, a noted folk singer of Champawat district.giving a sigh of relief to the villagers.
Courtesy: The Tribune

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