Almora: 31 July, 2015

The Uttarakhand government is bearing huge amounts as an outcome of ‘Chai-Pani’ consumed by the government officials. The cost of these tea and snacks is running in lakhs per month.

Dinesh Aggrawal is leading the queue of expense makers with 9 lakh rupees to his account of Tea and snacks in 2 years. The government has spent a total of 73 lakhs in the past 3 years over the ‘Chai-Pani’ of ministers.
According to an RTI information ministers are spending with no hesitation on the tea and other snacks. The report suggests that minister Preetam Pawar has made an expense of 8 lakh during the year while Surendra Rakesh’s expense stood at 7 lakh, 77 thousand.

On the same lines, Preetam Singh spent 7 lakh, 4 thousand rupees and Prasad Naithani made an expense of 6 lakh 80 thousand.

When asked about the expenses, minister Dinesh Aggarwal said that people who come to meet the officials for work purposes need to be treated well and hence justified the expenditure in his own way.
Courtesy: News 18

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