Haridwar : 9 August, 2015

Haridwar District Magistrate Harish Chand Semwal inaugurated a free medical-cum-health camp for Kanwariyas at Shyamnagar, near Durga Ghat, at Jwalapur here today.
Muslim social activists from Jawalpur in association with the Uttarakhand Congress Committee is organising the camp to provide free medicine and treatment to Kanwariyas till the conclusion of the annual fair on August 12.
Doctors and students of medical colleges will be present at the camp to provide services to the Kanwariyas. The District Magistrate said, “Such social acts and ventures augur well for society and give a good message to Lord Shiva devotees, who come from across the country to fetch Ganga jal at Ganga ghats.”
He said, “India is a secular country and the unique Ganga-Jamuni culture is well presented in Haridwar where Hindus and Muslims reside together peacefully.”
Municipal Corporation Chief Town Officer Vipra Trivedi said earlier during the holy month of Ramzaan, Hindus hosted Roza Iftaars for Muslims and now Muslims were holding medical camps as well as offering fruits, food and water to Kanwariyas.
Poonam Bhagat, Women Congress Committee secretary and social activist, who played a pivotal role in organising the medical camp, said she guided Muslim youths who wanted to offer social service to Kanwariyas.
“Respect for others religions is the hallmark of Haridwar society. Since Independence there has been no communal riot in Haridwar, which itself speaks about the camaraderie, mutual harmony and love that exists between Hindu and Muslim communities,” Poonam said.
Maqbool Qureshi, Naeem Qureshi, Ashok Dhingan, Balwant Singh Chauhan, Bal Ram Rathore, Chaudhari Baljeet Singh, BS Tejiyan, Sanjay Aggarwal, Rajesh Chauhan, Sanjay Sharma, Arvind Chanchal, Chamman Peer, Musharat Saifi, Hazi Asad, Irfan Qureshi, Rafi Khan, Dr Shameer Singh, Irshad Khan and Rajesh Chauhan were present at the medical camp.
Courtesy: The Tribune

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