Dehradun : 18 November,  2015

After successfully implementing the Vahan-4, online software for vehicle registration services and connecting the Dehradun Regional Transport Office (RTO) with the central server, first in the country, the transport department is now gearing up to cover six more RTO's/ARTO's under the project. 

In the second phase, the transport offices of Vikasnagar, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Tehri, Haldwani and Rudrapur will switch over to Vahan-4 along with getting connected with the central server. Before the final launch on November 23, the heads of six selected RTO/ARTO's are undergoing three-day training program at National Informatics Centre (NIC) office at state secretariat from today. The SWAN connectivity has already been provided to the six offices. 

"In the first phase, Vahan 4 was implemented in Dehradun RTO on August 14 earlier this year. The RTO Dehradun is now fully connected with central server and its operations are fully online. Now six more transport offices in the state will start using Vahan 4 software and will be connected with the central server in the second phase," Sandeep Saini, ARTO (administration) Dehradun told TOI. 

The officers at Dehradun RTO along with NIC team will apprise the officials of six transport offices where the new system would be rolled out next week about the possible difficulties they could face during the implementation of the new software. "We will learn from the experiences of Dehradun RTO where the project was implemented on pilot basis. The administrative part will be looked after by the ARTO's while the operations would be seen by the staff," said Sunil Sharma, ARTO Vikasnagar. 

Under the nationwide online project, the RTO's are getting connected with the central server and the data generated at RTO/ARTO's level is being immediately replicated at central server as well. 

According to transport department officials, once the system is stabilized and Vahan 4 is implemented fully, the software would enable the applicants to apply for vehicle registration, fitness, taxes and permits online, leaving the transport department to deal with more important issues.

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