Dehradun: 4 November, 2015

Soon, more than one lakh houses in Uttarakhand will get new electricity connection under state government's GAV (Gramin Vidhyut Abhiyanta) scheme.
Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited has planned and begun the preparations to provide power supply in the rural areas of the state.
Managing Director of Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited (UPCL) told that a nodal agency has been set up in this connection which will train the appointed engineers for the project.
Online interviews are being conducted for the appointment of engineers, he added.

The engineers will remain in direct contact with the District Magistrate and UPCL for the success of the project.
He further said that, in total 1,22,618 houses will get benefit from the scheme. The project aims to provide connection in 5,556 villages adding that the figures are set to increase.

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