Haridwar  : 6 December,  2015

Mount Litera School organised a digital literacy awareness campaign-cum-workshop here today.
Students were apprised of the various facets of digital technology usage that can help them in their daily life and academic studies. From homework study material to e-commerce net banking, students were given on-the-spot presentation by school teachers.

Pratiksha Kalra, a teacher, apprised students of adhering to digital technology for academic purposes as well as transaction of payment of bank payment of electricity, water, house tax and mobile internet bills.
Pallavi, a computer expert, generated awareness about cyber crime and bullying of teenagers.
“Internet is of great importance if used in the right direction but it has harmful aspects too,” Pallavi said.

Principal Dr Suchi Shekhar said cyber crime had made deep inroads across the world and younger generation was quite prone to such misdeeds. Such workshops should be organised on a regular basis by educational institutions.

School director Ashi said children could use internet and other social applications for academic purposes and sharing knowledge-information, but they should ensure that they don’t get addicted to computer and mobile phones only.

“Physical activities, co curricular activities, sports and spending time with family are of paramount importance. Obesity, depression and confining to oneself are some common facets one can see among school students, who spend more time with such gadgets,” said Prakash Joshi, a coordinator.
AK Ojha, Sushant Mishra, Amit Chauhan, Vinod Kumar Gupta, SS Rawat, Nitin Pawar and Sonia Garg also. The Tribune

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