The CBI has arrested custom inspector and guard with a bribe of four thousand rupees. The accused were taking bribe from the Tata Magic driver caught on the Indo-Nepal border while bringing buffaloes. In this case, the CBI has filed a lawsuit against customs superintendent, inspector and guard in the Prevention of Corruption Act.

On the Indo-Nepal border with Khatima, the local custom department had caught a Tata Magic carrying buffaloes. It was alleged that he was carrying Nepalese buffaloes to India without permission. The custom seized the Tata Magic in the Bareilly office. In this case, Prem Kishore, a Tata Magic driver, got the vehicle back after paying 15,000 rupees as fines, but the customs officers argued with the driver that the animals were being illegally transported from Nepal.

It is alleged that in front of the customs superintendent, the inspector and the guard had said that they would close the case for ten thousand rupees, but the driver refused to pay the amount. After a lot of arguing, the bribe amount was adjusted to rupees four thousand. The accused had asked the driver, Prem Kishore Khatri resident of Khatima, to come with the amount of bribe on Thursday. Meanwhile, Prem Kishore complained to the CBI about the case.
CBI ASP Akhil Kaushik told that as soon as the victim, Prem Prakash, gave Rs 4000 bribe, the CBI team arrested the custom inspector Anil Kumar Sharma, resident of Lucknow and the guard Lalan Khan of Khatima. The CBI has registered a case against the three, including Superintendent KK Gupta, in the Prevention of Corruption Act.

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