A shocking case has emerged in Delhi’s North Avenue police station. The daughter of a doctor posted in a government hospital, has made serious allegations against her stepmother and maternal uncle. She said that the mother used to tell her to look at porn movies with her Mama. Mother and uncle both beat the girl when she refused. The police has registered a case against the victim’s complaint.

According to Dainik Bhaskar, senior doctors working in the Central Government Hospital live in North Avenue along with the family. There is a wife and daughter in the family. Doctor has second marriage. The second wife is also a doctor. Daughter is from the first wife. The child is enrolled in a large private school. The girl  told the police that she was living with her step mother since 2015.

When the father of the victim used to go to the office and she used to come from the school, the mother neither gave her food nor allowed the school to do homework. One day Mother and Mama beat her so much that swelling had come to her hands she started bleeding. When her father returned home late in the eveningshe ws taken to the hospital where doctors treated her.

 The girl said that his 30-year-old stepmother was often at home. The stepmother used to force her to see porn film. If she did not, they both used to beat him. Both of them threatened the girl that if told to anyone, they would harm the father.

Being persistently troubled by stepmother. On the day that she was hit badly, the case was revealed on that day. The father of the victim’s father filed a case against the accused. This case is being investigated.

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