A shocking case has come to light in a hit and run case in China. A heavily drunk man Zhang hit the electric motorbike rider and the child. After that he ran away instead of stopping at the spot.

In the incident of March 22 in China’s Shandong province, the collision was so strong that the scooters was shattered into pieces. With the help of emergency service, the injured mother and child were transported to the hospital. During the treatment, the child died, while the woman was admitted to the ICU.

In this case, police arrested Zhang. The next day when he was told about the accident victims he was shocked to learn that they were his own wife and son.

In police inquiry, he told that he had gone to dinner with his family at one of his relatives. From there, he went out in his van and his wife, children, went home in a scooter. Zhang was very intoxicated because of drinking alcohol in the party. During this he hit the scooter. Zhang flew away from the scene in a hurry. He feared that if he stopped, he would be trapped. Unknowingly, he escaped leaving his wife and children battling for life on the road.

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