Social media giant Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has appeared in front of the US Congress for the second day. Here again, they asked sharp questions. Zuckerberg is surrounded by questions on the Cambridge Analytica data leak case. He is continuously accepting the company’s mistakes and apologizing too.
Some of the questions asked from Zukerberg today were

Question – how data is shared and where the data goes, it needs to be talked about. How does Facebook track the user after logging off? Is data collected for security or  is it used for business model?

Zuckerberg – Different types of data are collected for a different purpose. We will follow up later on this. (Mark again asked to follow up this question later)
Question – Was the shareholder equity of 74 billion dollars at the end of 2017? Has Facebook missed the user after Cambridge Analytica? Are you the CEO of the company? Data breaches are continuing, but it does not show anything further whether it will be fixed or not.

Zuckerberg – Yes, yes, yes … (Answered yes for all questions)
Question – The information of Facebook users is getting to people who are not even known to them. Who is the owner of your virtual life, are you or someone else?

Zuckerberg – All users are their own owners. We have given control to everyone.
Question – Will Facebook sue Alexander Kogan ? Will Facebook sue Cambridge Analytica?

Zuckerberg – We are considering this. We have already banned them. Not only Kogan but there are many resources who are doing this.

Question – Has your personal data leaked in the case of Cambridge Analytica?

Zuckerberg – Yes.

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