The dispute between an uncle and  his nephew in Pandhrapali village in Bageshwar escalated so much that the nephew lost his temper and cut his uncle withan axe. He died instantly due to this.

Girish Joshi (32 years) nephew of Ganesh Joshi (55 years old) resident of Pandhrapali village near village Balighat in Bageshwar, got upset with something with his uncle. The situation escalated quickly from heated arguments and took a turn for the worse. The relatives who tried to intervene tried to explain both, but they did not listen to anyone. Then an angry Girish took out the axe from the house and struck the uncle’s neck, causing Ganesh to die on the spot.

On receiving the information about the incident, Kotwal TR Verma reached the spot with Police team and arrested the accused. Preparations are going to be filed against him. Kotwal TR Verma told that the accused is mentally unstable. At the moment, the accused is being questioned.

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