Prime Minister Narendra Modi has finally broken the silence in the Kathua and Unnao gang rape cases. On both the gang rape cases, PM Modi said that the whole country is ashamed of such incidents. Daughters will be given justice Giving them justice is our responsibility.

PM Modi was speaking on the occasion of the launch of Dr. Ambedkar National Memorial in New Delhi. He said that the kind of incidents we have seen in the past have challenged the concept of social justice. The events that are discussed in the last two days are definitely embarrassing for any civilized society. As a society, we all are ashamed for it as a country.

‘No criminal will survive’

He said that in any state of the country, such incidents in any area shock our human sensibilities. “I want to convince the country that no criminal will survive, justice will be done”. During this time he said that we have to work together to eliminate this internal evil of our society, we all have to do together.

He said that I had the courage to speak from the Red Fort, ask the boys, not the girl. We will have to strengthen the family system, from social values ​​to the judicial system, for this, only then will we create Baba Saheb’s dream of India, create new India.

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