While petrol and diesel prices are burning a hole in the common man’s pocket there is a country where petrol is available for as low as 65 paise! (yes paise) per liter. With the current state of economy if you happen to visit Venezuela you could fill up your two wheeler for Rs 7 to 8 while your car could be filled to the max at around Rs 35.

In the past, the petroleum minister also expressed concern over the rising oil prices in India. But the government refused to deny that excise duty will not be reduced with immediate effect on petrol and diesel. Countries around the world are such where oil prices are very low.

Venezuela’s economy collapses

The cheapest gasoline in the world is in Venezuela, but before you start packing your bags to visit the South American nation know about its economy. According to Global Petrol Price (https://ift.tt/1h47tY8), petrol prices in Venezuela are equal to 100th part (about 65 paise) of US dollar on April 2, 2018. However due to the hyper inflationin Venezuela the situation is so grim that people here do not even have enough to eat. Someone is forced to sleep after eating a meal one time during the day while others are surviving by begging. Venezuela was once the richest country in South America, but now the economy is in shambles. Just a few months back a liter of milk was selling at Rs 80000 in the country.

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