Lord Narayana on Wednesday held a new parasol (chhatra) in Baikunth Dham. A pilgrim family from Punjab donated this parasol made from pure gold to the temple committee. According to religious head Bhuvan Chandra Udayal, the umbrella of Lord Badi Vishal has changed after nearly six hundred years. He said that then the Gwalior Raj Gharana (royal house) had offered this umbrella.

Ludhiana resident devotee Gyaneshwar Sood expressed his desire to donate gold parasol worth four kilograms to Lord Badri Vishal in memory of his grandfather Vimukti Maharaj. On Wednesday morning, the parasol was brought to Badrinath by helicopter. The devotee, Gyaneshwar Sood, came to Badrinath along with his family and nearly 300 close relatives. From the helipad to the Badrinath temple, for about one kilometer, the Shobhayatra was taken with the chants of Badri Vishal and the parasol was taken to Dham. At around five o’clock in the evening, Bhuvan Chandra Udyiyal and other priests of Badrinath Dham took the parasol inside the temple while chants of the lord revered all around. According to religious customs, after worship the lord, Chief priest Ishwari Prasad Namboodari set up the parasol above the statue of Lord Narayana in the temple. Hundreds of devotees were present during this time.

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