In Delhi, those businessmen who do not pay the minimum wage fixed by the government to their employees could end up in jail. The President has approved the amendment law in the minimum wages passed by the Delhi Assembly. After the President’s approval to the Minimum Wage (Delhi) Amendment Bill passed from the Assembly, law will now take action on businessmen who do not pay minimum wages fixed in Delhi. On the basis of this law, the provision for a penalty of Rs. 20 thousand along with sentence of up to three years has been made in this law on those employed less than the minimum wage. The Aam Aadmi Party has given informationin this regards through their Twitter handle. With this, the party has released a Gazette paper too. Now with the introduction of the new law, the minimum wage in Delhi is Rs 13,896. 13,896 for unskilled laborers in the capital, 15,296 for semi-skilled,  and monthly salary of rupees 16,858 for skilled workers has been fixed. Apart from this, 15,296 for the tenth failure, 16,858 for the tenth pass and the minimum wage is 18,332 rupees per month for graduates and more educated. The Delhi Cabinet had applied these rates on February 25, 2017.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that after several months the bill got clearance and this law was made. Kejriwal has expressed hope that strict action will be taken on employers who do not pay the minimum wage. He assured the people that the Delhi government will take strictest action against such people.

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