Naini Lake one of the highlights of Kumaon tourism seems to be benefiting from the government decision of rationing water supply in the hill town. In February last year, the water level reached minus, the tourists who had come to the lake were disappointed. This time, the reduction in drinking water supply is done by the administration to save the beauty of the lake and its effect has also been noticed. Compared with the water level of May in the last two years, this time there is about six and a half feet more water. Usually in April-May, the level has been recorded in minus.

The water level of the lake is decreasing due to encroachment in the catchment area of ​​the lake, covering of the drains falling in the lake, drying of natural water sources, increasing water consumption year after year. The city is also dependent on this lake for drinking water.

In order to maintain the existence and beauty of the lake, this time eight lakh liters of water is being transported to the filtering pumps through the motor. Whereas in the normal days last year, 14 lakh liters and in the tourist season 18 lakh liters per day was supplied. For this reason, lake water has started to decline since February-March for the last two years.
According to Madan Mohan Joshi, Assistant Engineer, Irrigation Department, when the lake reaches the brim, then it has a depth of 90 feet. Whereas when there is water to 78 feet in the lake, it is considered to be zero level. This situation was on May 7 this year. In the last two years, in February and March only the level had dropped below zero. This time the situation is better.

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