The brother of Bhim Army, Kamal Walia’s brother Sachin has been shot dead in Saharanpur, UP. After this the tension has developed in the entire area. The people of the deceased side have alleged that a procession was being moving towards Maharana Pratap Bhawan near Ramnagar. Meanwhile, some unknown people shot Sachin Walia and killed him. ADG said that this whole case is questionable. It is being verified. Given the situation of the tension, district administration has stopped internet services in Saharanpur till further orders.

According to information received from the local sources, Kshatriya Samiti had sought the permission to take out a Shobha Yatra in Ramnagar of Saharanpur on the occasion of Maharana Pratap Jayanti. Earlier, the administration’s attitude was not positive, but later on Tuesday the district administration allowed 150 people to take part in the procession. In view of this visit to Ramnagar on Wednesday, the district administration claimed to have made a vigorous arrangement.
It is being told that preparations for Shobha Yatra were taking place from Wednesday morning. Shobha Yatra reached Maharana Pratap Bhawan near Ramnagar. At that time the brother of Bhim Army, Sachin Walia, was passing in front of the Bhawan. Suddenly someone shot him. He was taken to hospital, where doctors declared him dead.

This incident has once again caused tension in the whole area. A large number of Bhim Army workers were  in the district hospital. There was a fierce ruckus there. Saharanpur District Magistrate P.K. Pandey and SSP Bablu Kumar reached the district hospital where they had a tiff with Kamal Walia. Seeing the atmosphere against them, both the officials left the place. Meanwhile,there were also arguments between the relatives and the police for the possession of the body.
A large number of police forces have been deployed around the district hospital. Vehicles have been banned from coming in. Even on the way to Ramnagar, the police is checking vehicles since morning. Ramnagar is the same area, where last year even racial violence broke out during the Shobha yatra of Maharana Pratap Jayanti. About 40 cases were filed from May 5 to May 23, 2017.

Kamal Walia was also in jail in the case of racial violence last year, who has come out on bail only a few days ago. Last year, a dispute during the Maharana Pratap Shobha yatra in Shabirpur village of Saharanpur took violent form. After this, the case of oppressing the Dalits and burning their house was brought out. In this case, the case against Bhima Army leader Chandrashekhar was registered. He was later arrested and sent to jail.

On the other hand, ADG Prashant Kumar of Meerut Zone, giving information on the phone to Aaj Tak, said that the incident is suspicious. There was so much force in the event where the incident took place, in such a way it is not possible to kill. The car driver told that he had fallen himself. DM and SSP are on the spot. The incident is being investigated. Evidence will be revealed in a few hours. The forensic team has also been convened on the spot.

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