Stephen Hawking, the world’s famous scientist Professor, died on March 14 this year. On May 2, after one and a half months, Cambridge has released his new theory. His theory was completed just 10 days before the death. Through this theory, he has proved his old theory wrong. It has been told in this theory that there can be another end of the universe. Eariler he had told in the previous theory that the universe is infinite. His new theory was published in the Journal of High Energy Physics. There was a doubt in Hawking’s ancient theory that after the Big Bang, a number of universes would have been created instead.
Now in Hawking’s new theory, it has been said that there will be such a place in space where there is a solar system like ours. There may be dinosaurs, people may hunt. It is difficult to say that they will be like earth. But the life of that can be similar. Along with this, Hawking has proved his last theory incorrect: “What was before the Big Bang? None of this can tell If someone is making a claim then that is a lie. I also claimed that has been proved wrong in this study. “

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