Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat ordered the suspension of a primary school teacher in the Janata Milan program and to take her into custody. Chief Minister Rawat ordered the action against Uttara Bahuguna Pant, a teacher working in Naogaon Primary School in Uttarkashi district, when she pleaded for her transfer.

Uttara said that she has been providing her services in the remote area for the past 25 years and now wants to be with her children. She said that her husband has died and now she does not want to leave her children in Dehradun. Uttara said, “My condition is such that I can not leave the children alone or leave the job”.

When asked by the Chief Minister that what she had written while taking the job? Uttara replied in anger that she did not write it down that she would have to live in exile for a lifetime.

The Chief Minister angered by the teacher’s response asked her to keep her talk win a civilized manner but when she did not accept the answer, he instructed the concerned officials to immediately suspend her and take her into custody.

Official sources said that the teacher has been suspended on the instructions of the Chief Minister. However, she was later released from custody.

It has also been mentioned in a government release that the teacher of an elementary school of Uttarkashi, who came in for her transfer, showed indecency and used abusive language. Even after requesting the teacher to keep her words in a limited manner, the CM instructed to suspend the teacher, if the teacher persistently indulged in it.

Apart from Uttara, many other government employees had also reached the ‘Janata Milan’ program to promote their transfer from the remote areas to the accessible area but Chief Minister Rawat made it clear that this program is not a suitable platform for asking such things.

The Chief Minister said, “During the hearing of the problems, transfer requests should not be brought at all. All the transfer of state services will be done as per the law transferred in the state. Public relation program for transfer is not a suitable platform.”

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