The first 20 industries in Uttarakhand, which will participate in the International Trade Fair in Columbia and Philippines, will get Rs. One lakh rupees. This information was given in the seminar organized by the Indian Industries Association (IIA) on Wednesday. Addressing an industrial seminar organized at a hotel located in Saharanpur Road, IA Uttarakhand Chapter Chairman Rakesh Bhatia told that the seminar is being organized by the Export Engineering Promotion Contest (EEPC) India, in collaboration with IIA, The Ministry of Industry is the Central Government’s initiative. He told that industrial units have to stay in world-class competencies in line with international standards and then have to participate in the global level.

He also told that the International Trade Fair will be held in Columbia from 24 to 28 September 2018. Whereas, before 22-25 August the Indian Engineering exhibition will be held in the Philippines. The prize money of Rs one lakh each will be given to the first 20 industries of Uttarakhand who participate in these two trade fairs. Therefore, industrialists should register for these international trade fairs at the earliest. Addressing the seminar, IIA Vice-President Latif Chaudhary said that the incentives given by the Central Government can earn profits by acquiring an industrialist.
EEPC India is organizing seminars related to engineering all over the world under Make in India Program and Brand India. We are working to promote industries of the country by organizing fairs and other programs in the name of Indi throughout the world. EEPC’s Assistant Director, GP Malhotra gave information to the industrialists about the export.

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