It will be called the height of negligence. Here, half of the body of a dog sleeping on the roadside during the construction of a road was covered in asphalt . This led to the death of the dog. Since then, the video of this incident has gone viral, it has become a topic of discussion throughout the city.

According to the information received, the Fatehabad road of Agra is being made. It is being constructed by a private company on contract for PWD. It is being told that at night some time a dog went to sleep near the roadside. In the meantime, the road construction workers who made the road did not bother to remove it and laid the road construction material over the sleeping dog.

In the morning, when the passers-by looked at it, the anger started in the people. The dog’s body was removed from JCB after a lot of rage. The complaint of the incident has been done in Sadar police station and demand for action has been taken against the guilty officials and employees.

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