Exactly one month from now i.e July 27th is going to be the longest and full moon eclipse of the 21st century . This time the lunar eclipse will be of 1 hour and 43 minutes duration. During this time the Earth’s satellite or moon will appear as beautiful red or brown. Scientists named this lunar eclipse as Blood Moon. This full moon eclipse will be seen with naked eyes in Africa, Middle East and South Asia along with India. There are 3 types of prominent lunar activities:  Supermoon, blood moon and lunar eclipse:

What is Supermoon?

When the distance between the moon and the earth becomes the smallest and the moon shines on its entire face, it is called supermoon.

What is blood moon?

During lunar eclipse, the moon appears red, which is why it is called blood moon. In fact, when the moon remains in the shadow of the earth during the full moon’s lunar eclipse, its aura becomes redundant, which is called the ‘Ratakim Chandra’ or ‘Lal Chand’. This happens when the moon is completely covered in the aura of the earth. In this case, the ‘red’ ray of the sun reaches the moon by ‘scatter’.

What happens in Lunar Eclipse?

Lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are in such a situation that for some time the whole moon passes through the shadow of earth in space. But when passing through the Earth’s atmosphere, the sun’s redness falls apart in the atmosphere and falls on the surface of the Moon.

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