A young man from New Zealand crossed the limits of insanity. Troy George Skinner,  from New Zealand, came to harm a girl just because she broke the friendship on the game site. But before he could harm the girl, her mother shot him and injured him.

25-year-old George developed a friendship with the girl on a gaming site. Love began to grow slowly for both of them. However, after the rebuke of the mother, the girl stopped talking to George. Her mother Sheriff Agnev also advised her to stay away from George. Miffed George traveled 8500 miles changing three aircrafts and bus to Virginia. The girl’s mother told that the crazy man had tried to break the gate as soon as he reached their house.

Seeing this, Agnev warned him not to do this, saying that she had a gun, but he did not relent. The mother asked the two daughters locked inside not to open the gate. Seeing the violent form of George, the mother shot him. The bullet hit on his neck. He has been admitted to the hospital in the injured state. The police recovered knives, pepper spray and air tickets from him.

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