In the summer holidays, the long queue of vehicles who come to visit the queen of the mountains has become a common site. Hundreds of tourists were stranded in the five-kilometer long jam, ranging from Chunakhal to Kolhukhet. Many tourists who had planned a day’s trip to the hill station had to return disappointed.

The queen of the mountains struggled with traffic jam. On the Mussoorie-Dehradun Highway, from Chunakhal to Kolhukhet, there was a jam of five km. Here the vehicle could be seen crawling at a snails pace. At the same time, there was a situation of jam  from Kincraig to Gandhi Chowk and from Gandhi Chowk to Zero Point till late evening. There was a jam on the Mall road in the city as well, due to which the tourists suffered a lot.

The situation of the jam remained  late in the evening due to the crowd in Library Chowk and Kulri market. The pedestrians also had to face problems. Most of the time, there was a jam in Mussoorie throughout the day and hundreds of vehicles were trapped in it. At Gandhi Chowk, the police had to sweat hours to keep the traffic normal. Tourists stranded in the jam looked frustrated with hunger and thirst. Mussoorie Inspector Bhavni Kanthola said that considering the increasing number of tourists, the planning is being done to stop the vehicles outside of Mussooran so that people in the city do not have trouble walking around.

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