Foreign tour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always been on the target of opposition parties. Opposition parties raise questions on his every visit and now the disclosures made under the RTI have given new weapons to target opposition parties.

Under RTI, it has been revealed that during his 48-month tenure, Prime Minister Modi has so far made 50 foreign visits to more than 41 countries. During this visit, a total of Rs 355 crores has been spent.

An RTI activist from Bangalore had asked for information about Prime Minister Modi’s foreign visit. According to information from RTI, during his tenure, PM Modi remained outside the country for nearly 165 days.

Bill for 7 trips pending

The special thing is that on the website of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), information about foreign tour is available during Prime Minister Modi’s tenure (48 months) till now. According to the PMO website, 30 trips were done through chartered flights and have been paid for.

While the bill for 7 foreign tours of this year from February to June have not yet been received due to which the payment was not made. The remaining trips were done through Indian Air Force BBJ Aircrafts.

PM Modi’s most expensive tour

PM Modi’s most expensive overseas visit was in April 2015 when he went on a visit to Canada after Europe in which he went on a visit to Canada after France and Germany, and during this period, the bill amounted to 31 crores (31,25,78,000) rupees.

His cheapest foreign tour was in Bhutan when he went on his first foreign tour as the Prime Minister. On this tour, the Government spent Rs. 2, 45, 27, 465 rupees. Modi visited Bhutan on June 15-16, 2014.

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