Yahoo! is shutting down its years old Yahoo Messenger from July 17. According to reports, Yahoo users will be given six months to download Chat History. Users will be redirected to the Squirrel website after opening Yahoo Messenger from July 17 onwards. That means that you will enter the URL to access Yahoo Messenger, then the Squirrel Messaging app will open.

It is worth mentioning that Yahoo has been doing beta testing of squarrel since last month and it will be started when Yahoo Messenger will officially be shut down. Although users can still try it, beta access is required and you have to request.

Yahoo Messenger was launched in 1998 and then its name was Yahoo Pager. On 21 June 1999, it was introduced as Yahoo Messenger. Now finally it has been decided to pull the plug on it from July 17, 2018. The company launched a new version of the Messenger app, which was not successful.

The technology company Yahoo started in 1994 was synonymous with the Internet, but it was bought by US telecom company Verizon for $ 4.8 billion, and now Yahoo has become the subsidiary of Verizon.

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