In New Delhi on Sunday morning, 11 bodies were found in suspect condition in Sant Nagar of Burari in Delhi. All the bodies have been hanged from rope. The dead include seven women and four men. There is no clear sign of their death, but the police have reached the spot and the investigation is going on. It is being told that some people have had their legs tied. Some people were blindfolded. Allthe bodies were found in 1 house.

It is not yet known whether it is a suicide case or a murder. It is surprising to find the bodies of 11 people together in this way. Now the police is not in a position to tell anything. Police say that the case is being investigated by all the angles so that the reasons behind this can be brought to the fore.

Though the police initially considered it a case of suicide. Police surrounded the entire area. 11 bodies have been recovered from the same house and there has been a stir in the area.

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