Friendship Day was celebrated with great fanfare in the world last week. On this occasion, people gave special gifts to their friends. But in the state of Madhya Pradesh a 10th student did something quite astounding. On the day of Friendship Day in Jabalpur district, a student stole 46 lakh rupees from his father and distributed it among his school friends. The student gave the highest amount of 15 lakh rupees to the son of a daily wage earner. At the same time, he gave three lakh rupees to a classmate for doing his homework. Not only this, the student has given smartphones to 35 friends who have studied with him in school and coaching, while many of them also got a silver chain gift. It is being said that a friend of the student recently bought a new car.

The student’s father is a builder by profession. The builder filed a complaint in the police and said that 60 lakh rupees have disappeared from his closet. He had kept 60 lakh rupees from a recent sale in the cupboard. As soon as the money went missing, he reached the police. After the complaint was filed, the police, who reached for investigation, did not find anything that suggested theft.
After this the investigation revealed that the builder’s son took out the cash and distributed it to his friends and the needy. After this the student’s father gave a list to the police on whose basis the police was trying to contact all the students. So far the police has recovered Rs 15 lakhs. At the same time, the son of the daily wage laborer has disappeared after getting the money. Parents of five more students receiving the money have been called and asked to return the money in five days.

SI BS Tomar said that we have recovered Rs 15 lakh so far and efforts are on for the rest. Talking about the student who received rupees 15 lakh, he said, “We are looking for him and he has been asked to withdraw money from the parents.” No case has been registered due to all the students being minor.

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