In the Basti district of Uttar Pradesh, there was a major accident while immersing the ashes of late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee when the balance of the boat became unstable during immersion. All the people riding on the boat fell into the river. Several MP, politicians and police officers were in the boat. All of them were thrown out of the boat and into the river. However, no one died in this accident.

During the immersion of Vajpayee’s ashes on Saturday evening the boat turned over the Amhat Ghat of the Kuano River in Basti. On the boat, 17 people including state minister Suresh Pasi, former BJP president Dr Ramapati Ram Tripathi, MP Harish Dwivedi, four MLAs and SP Dilip Kumar were on board. Due to the loss of the balance while climbing the boat, the boat got overturned and the people fell into the water of the Kuano river. Existing security personnel and others took everyone out.

According to the police, as the boat started to move, around 10-12 workers suddenly started getting on the boat. As the load on the climbing ghat suddenly changed, the boat lost balance. After the accident panic broke out. The police, the security personnel of the special forces, the BJP workers thrown into the water were pulled out. When everyone was pulled out safetly, the situation was became normal.

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