Heavy rains in the Kotdwar area of ​​Pauri district have once again wreaked havoc. All the rivers in the region are on the boom from the rain . River water has entered into people’s houses with debris, causing five houses to collapse in the area. In the aampadav a woman had gone to the house after taking the children to safety, but the house fell. There is no trace of the woman yet.
On Saturday, on the second day, the river, the drains have become raging torrents due to non stop rain. A cabin and security wall collapo in Jaunpur after the bust of Paniyali rivulet. In Aampadav, two houses in Shivpura, Givaistrot and Ramnagar collapsed. TPoonam (32) wife Ompal was missing after the house collapsed. SDM Kamlesh Mehta  removed a fallen tree at Devi Road from the JCB and prevented the flood water from entering the population area.
The wreckage from the hill on the Badrinath route from the rain broke the wall of the Corbett Tiger Reserve reception center. At the same time, the Kotdwar-Pauri highway was interrupted due to debris. On the Najibabad road too, the Sukhro Bridge on the NH has become dangerous by washing away of soil. Debris has entered into hundreds of homes in the Refugee Colony.

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