13 roads in the district of Bageshwar were closed on Sunday. This has completely cut off contact with the headquarters of the rural areas. With the celebration of Rakhshabandhan, sisters reached their brothers’ house after walking several km. Shama-Leeti, Shama-Naokodi, Kapkot-Kamari, Dharamghar-Majkhet, Harsila-Pudkuni, Jakhheda-Dakghat, Dangoli-Sailani, Bhani-Harsingabgarh, Dharamghar-Sangad, Kapkot-Pindari Glacier etc. from the rain on Sunday. Roads are completely closed for traffic.

People had to walk had to be run from five to twenty km to celebrate the festival of Rakshabandhan . Here, DM Ranjana Rajguru said that continuous efforts are being made to open the roads. She said that JCB machines are engaged. The road is closed again due to the rains. There was heavy debris at 101 km on the NH 309. The road from connecting Vijaypur has been closed. The connection to Pithoragarh and Bageshwar district has been completely closed due to the closure of the road. However, efforts are being made to open the road.

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