Rains have created a new record in the past 24 hours in the monsoon season in Dehradun. During this period, 201.9 mm rainfall was recorded in the Uttarakhand capital. According to the Meteorological Department, this figure is highest in last 10 years. Most of the rainfall recorded during the year 2008 was recorded on August 19, 2012 in 24 hours. Then it was recorded 190.3 mm in Dehradun.
The rains, which started after midnight on Saturday, continued on Monday. Although it has decreased in intensity in the afternoon, but a heavy downpour is still expected. Life has become disrupted in the district. Due to landslides, traffic on 28 roads is interrupted. The contact of villages in the rural area specially hilly areas of Dehradun is cut from the district headquarters. According to the State Meteorological Center, on Tuesday, there may be more heavy rains in Doon and adjoining areas.

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