So far you have heard about the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. There are reports on the day that life with AI is going to be easy. You can make AI work as a Personal Assistant for you. Apart from this, there are many benefits in many things. But as with all technological things AI too comes with its won problems.
Artificial Intelligence can also be used to create malware. By creating New Generation malware, hackes can destroy complex complex cyber security defenses easily. By this, cyber attacks can be done on the computer network.

Researchers of IBM Research have demonstrated such a threat. It has been named Deep Locker, an attack tool that works on Artificial Intelligence.

According to IBM Research, the Deep Locker uses facial recognition and voice recognition and does not get caught by any threat defense radar and attacks targets directly. Its snoops under the security defense systems and firewalls, which is its specialty. According to researchers, this video can spread through video conferencing software so that more anti viruses can not detect it. Even malware scanners fail to detect it.

The researchers said, “Video conferencing applications are downloaded by millions of people. As soon as the app launches, hidden malware in your app clicks and saves your picture and behaves normal, but if you are a target then it will attack your system.”

Overall, it is a different kind of problem that can become a headache for cyber security. Because the artificial intelligence can simplify your work as well as increase it many folds.

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