America’s veteran agricultural chemical company Monsanto will have to pay heavy compensation to a cancer victim due to its product. A California court has ordered Monsanto to pay a $ 290 million (approximately Rs 2,000 crore) to the cancer victim. The cancer victim sued the company for his illness and blamed it.

He said that due to the company’s roundup product used to destroy weed, he got cancer. He has reached the verge of death. Glyphosate is mainly used in this product. Many experts consider this as the cause of cancer. The San Francisco court found that Monsanto did not warn of cancer risk from its product.

Dwayne Johnson (46) fell ill after coming in contact with the product. After three weeks of trial, the jury ordered a $ 250 million as a penal damages and $ 39 million as compensation. After the decision, Johnson said, “I want to say thank you to all the members of the jury.” The father of two children, Johnson, was using Roundup at Benecia School, located near San Francisco in the year 2012. He was working as a ground coach at the school. Roundup is used extensively in the US. Johnson was found to be suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma in a type of cancer in 2014. White blood cells are affected in this disease. Johnson had sued in 2016. Judging by his serious condition, the court quickly heard the case.

Company will appeal against the verdict

After the verdict, Monsanto said in the statement, “We sympathize with Johnson and his family.” The company promised to appeal against the decision and also defended its product. The company claims that the US Environmental Protection Agency did not find glyphosate carcinogenic in September 2017.

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