Every person dreams of having a memorable proposal which they can cherish lifelong. But what if after a similar proposal someone would have to lose their job, what would they say? An air hostess of China has been removed from the job only because her boyfriend proposed her for marriage during the flight and she said yes.
According to a report from Asia News, a video of a romantic proposal on social media is becoming viral, which is of May this year. During this flight in the video, the boyfriend of an air hostess is proposing for marriage by going down on one knee.

After the video was viral on 10 September the airline fired Air Hostess by saying that she ignored the safety of the passengers. The company said that due to personal reasons of flight attendant there was noise and commotion in the aircraft. Which is a very irresponsible attitude in terms of their security. However, there is a mixed reaction on social media in this case. Some are telling the company’s actions inhuman, while some are justifying it.

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