In the past few decades, the way Russia’s power has decreased, it is now engaged in retrieving it. Russia is going to begin the exercise of Vostok-2018, with the intention of continuing to dominate once again in the world. There are several specializations of this joint military training. This is the largest army training so far after the Cold War, which will be between 11-17 September. It has also received strong displeasure by NATO & the European countries. The European Union has even said that this excercise is being done by targeting NATO. NATO has considered it a threat to western democracy.

NATO’s Trident Juncture 2018

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), will also conduct similar military drill but it will begin later in the middle of October and November. This will make NATO member country flex their army strengh. This practice has been named Trident Juncture 2018. Overall, it can be said that Russia is quite keen on maintaining its superpower status in the world.

Feature of Vostok 2018

As far as Russia’s Vostok 2018 is concerned, in addition to 1 thousand aircraft, more than 80 warships and drones will participate. Apart from this, 36 thousand tanks and other hi-tech army vehicles will also be part of it. Although Russia is not doing this kind of practice for the first time, it is being executed for the first time at such a large level.

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