In a welcome news for students of class 10th. From next year, in Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) 10th board examination, students will have to get a total of 33 percent marks in order to pass in written and internal evaluation examination. CBSE sources said that this system is likely to be implemented in the 10th board exam in 2019.

Earlier, in the CBSE 10th Board’s written examination, it was compulsory to secure 33 percent of the 80 marks in theory and Practical, 33 percent marks out of the 20 allotted for practicals. Now, 33 percent marks are required in practical and theory combined in order to pass.

Changes in March 2018 exam

Before the examination of the 10th Board in CBSE on February 10, 2018, a notification was issued that the earlier rule will give concession to the students. Through this, students need to have 33 percent marks in both the written and practical fields. That is, students will not need to bring 33 per cent in theory paper and 33 per cent in the practicals as before.
According to a senior CBSE senior official, there has been no final decision on this, but the probability is that the provision of 33 percent marks in the written and internal evaluation exam can continue even further. By the academic session 2016-17, it was necessary to secure a total of the total 80 exams for the board exam and the different 33 percent marks from the 20 points of internal assessment. Now students will be exempted from getting separate 33% marks in both exams. If the student receives a total of 33% marks in both exams combined, he/she will be considered pass.

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