Portugal’s superstar and one of the most renowned sports athlete in the world Cristiano Ronaldo has been caught in a big controversy over rape allegations. An American woman on Friday accused Ronaldo of raping her. Although Ronaldo dismissed the charge, he told hthat it was the woman’s attempt to gain publicity.

The issue first raised by German Magazine

Let us talk about US woman Kathryn Mayorga accused Ronaldo of raping her in 2009. She filed a case of rape on Friday. German magazines ‘Der Spiegel’ first raised this matter in 2017. It was written in the magazine that Kathryn Mayorga claimed that 33-year-old Ronaldo had misbehaved with hre in a hotel room in Las Vegas. Soon after this incident, Mayorga also wrote a report of rape in a police station in Las Vegas.
Mayorga has alleged that after this, in 2010, she had compromised with Ronaldo on the case outside the court. The amount of $ 375000 (£ 288,000) was paid on condition of not bringing this thing to the public. Their lawyers are now demanding the cancellation of this agreement.
Cristiano Ronaldo, on the other hand, has dismissed rape charges. According to the BBC report, Ronaldo said that Mayorga wants to promote herself by taking his name. In a video released on Instagram, Ronaldo said, “They want to propagate themselves using my name.” Ronaldo’s lawyer said he would sue Germany’s Der Spiegel Magazine, who has reported the allegations in the first place. Ronaldo’s lawyer said that the report of the magazine is baseless.

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