This time, on the occasion of Dhanteras, there was a business of around 700 crore rupees in the capital. People from every section of the society have made a lot of purchase. The faces of the businessmen were also beaming with joy due to the good trade numbers on Dhanteras. According to market experts, this Dhanteras more business was conducted than last year.

On the day of Dhanteras people did not show any skimp in the shopping. The special thing was that in Dhanteras alone, there was heavy purchase of jewelery, two-wheeler, four wheeler, fireworks, glasses, electronics products and utensils with gold and silver coins in the entire market.
Overall, this time, on Dhanteras, in the capital Doon, the business growth has increased in comparison to last year. According to the experts, this time around seven hundred crore rupees have been rained in Doon and this has made traders a great profit.
Dhanteras has given the auto sales the speed. The experts have estimated the sale of two-wheeler and four wheeler vehicles in Dehradun between 2.5 to 3 thousand, which is more than the last time.

Prince Chowk-based Future Auto Pvt. Ltd MD, Atul Goyal, claimed that more than four vehicles were sold in this Dhanteras compared to the previous ones. He told that there is a long booking on the vehicles, but this time the delivery of cars has been more than ever.

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