The accident of losing wallets and purses often happen with people. When the purse disappears, apart from the sadness of losing cash, the loss of id cards and other essential things becomes more troublesome. Something similar happened with an American man whose lost his wallet. The returning person not only sent back his wallet but also increased the amount kept in it for party.

Hunter Shamatt, who lives in Omaha, USA, lost his wallet during a visit to Omaha from Las Vegas for a sister’s wedding. When he arrived in Las Vegas he realized that his wallet was missing. Hunter came to Las Vegas from Frontier Flight, and immediately informed the airline company about it, but from there, he was disappointed. Looking at sister’s wedding, Hunter thought it was not fair to inform the family about the lost wallet.

The real trouble started when he had to go back to Omaha. Initially, the airline did not allow Hunter to travel without ID proof. After the inquiry of 1 hour, the airline finally allowed him to travel. A few days after arriving home, Hunter to his surprise received a parcel from an anonymous man.

When he opened the package, he got his wallet with a letter. It was written, “Hunter, I got this wallet in Frontier Flight going from Omaha to Denver. It was trapped between seat and wall on the seat F1 of 12th row. I think you’ll need it. All the Best PS, I have rounded off the amount kept in your purse to $ 100, so that you can party to get wallet back.”

Hunter was not sure about this incident. He counted the money at least three times He felt like he was dreaming. Hunter and his family wanted to thank the person who returned the purse, but the sender’s name was not known. So Hunter’s mother, Jeannie Shamatt, took a photo of that letter and put it on Facebook. Also wrote a message that people help her find this unknown person. This post then became viral on social media rapidly.

With the help of social media, Shamatt family managed to find this man in a few days. The name of this person is Todd Brown. A person working with Brown came to him. Thanking Todd Brown, Hunter wrote this note to him,”Sir, I can’t thankyou enough for what you’ve done for me. I or my family have never seen such generosity till today I did not think that this wallet would ever get back to me let alone with extra $40. I have a student loan and truck loan. Hunter’s mother, Jeannie, told that when they told Brown and his wife about all this they cried.”

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