Six people have died due to a stampede in a nightclub in Italy, while more than 100 are reported to be injured. According to the news, someone inside the club used pepper spray, after which people got scared and a stampede went off. The way out of the club was quite tight, so people were having difficulty in getting out. In such a situation, people started trying to get out while crushing each other. This club is located in the northern city of Ancona on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

It is being told that there was a program going on in the club. According to the Facebook event list, about 1340 people were involved in the program which took place in the club. Although there is no information about how many people were present inside the club at the time of the stampede. The injured have been admitted to a nearby hospital, some of which are being described as critical.

Local reports said that about 1,000 people had come to the Blue Lantern club to see the performance of Italian raper Sfera Ebbasta. The accident took place around 1:00 AM. A 16-year-old boy, who was injured in a stampede, said, “We were dancing and waiting for the concert to start, only then we realized the smell of sharp smell. After this we ran away towards emergency exit, but the door was closed. There the bouncers were standing, they asked us to go back. The bouncers did not allow us to leave. ‘
Significantly, one such incident took place in Piazza San Carlo in 2017. When someone blew a pepper spray during a football match. In this accident 1500 people were injured and one man was killed. The exit route was extremely tight here, due to which people had to face difficulties in the exit and during this time some people fell down and got injured.

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