Guttenberg replaces default TinyMce editor

WordPress the popular free and open source PHP content management system released its 5.0 version on December 7. The new version comes with a whole host of features the most prominent of which is the text editor. The new text editor ‘Guttenberg’ is more of a drag and drop editor and has a feel of editing on the front end. It replaces the Tinymce editor which was the default editor of WordPress. Although users have the luxury to keep tinymce as their editor by installing its plugin. The tinymce editor will be supported till 2021.

Alongwith the editor the 2019 edition of the WordPress default theme has also been released. Guttenberg editor has received polarized reviews from developers as well as end users. It may also be noted that the PHP community will end its support for PHP 5 by the end of this year which power around 80% of the websites developed on the language.

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