At least 66 people died in a massive explosion in oil pipeline in Hidalgo state of central Mexico. 76 people were badly injured in the accident on Friday night. According to eyewitnesses, the blast took place when the locals were collecting oil in the cane and bucket after breaking the pipeline. Forensic experts arrived at the spot on Saturday and took samples from among the dead bodies.

State of Hidalgo Governor Omar Fayed said, “66 people have died and 76 were injured.” The video of the incident has also been released. People are crying for help. High flames of fire were seen in the night in the state of Hidalgo, 105 km from Mexico City. Ambulances and doctors have been sent to save the victims. Fire also erupted on the site.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador visited the spot on Saturday night. He has assured the victims of all possible help. Incidents of stealing fuel in Mexico are quite common. This year, the country had to suffer a loss of $ 3 billion (about Rs 21,000 crore). After this the President has ordered strict action against fuel thieves.

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