Actress Amrita Singh, accompanied by daughter Sarah Ali Khan, came to Clementown police station in relation to the property dispute Saturday evening. The property which is under dispute was with Sara’s maternal uncle Madhusudan Bimbet who had died on Saturday after a long illness. There is a dispute between the late Madhusudan and his sisters regarding the share in this property. However, Amrita Singh has not said anything about this, but the police say that she had come to urge that she is returning to Mumbai, but police should take care of it in this regard that no one takes possession of her maternal property.

The police have not taken any action saying it to be a civil case. The man taking care of the deceased and the property has given an application in the police station and has kept the keys of the house with the police. Here, the police refused to take any kind of action saying that the matter is of the civilian, so keep the matter in court.

According to Dharmendra Routela in charge of Clementown police station, it has been found that two sisters of Madhusudan Bimbet are Tahira and Rukhsana Sultana. Amrita Singh is the daughter of Rukhsana. Madhusudan was unmarried and had been ill for quite some time and had been admitted to the Himalayan Hospital in Jollygrant for several days. He died on Saturday morning. Family members of Madhusudan informed Amrita Singh about his demise.

In the afternoon, she reached Dehradun with her daughter, Sarah Ali Khan. Here she performed the funeral of Madhusudan in Chandrabani. From here she came straight to Clementown’s property. After being there for some time, she came to the police station. SO Clementown told that she had come to say that this property belongs to her uncle and that she is going to Mumbai, but it should be seen that no one should take possession of it. Only oral information was given to the police on their behalf. No applicaion or property related documents were shown.
At the same time, Khushiram resident of Society area, who has been taking care of Amrita Singh’s maternal uncle, till now, told that he has been taking care of Madhusudan and his property for the last 23 years. Madhusudan died on Saturday in the morning. Amrita Singh is demanding the keys of the house of Madhusudan, while the case of Madhusudan is going on in two courts of Dehradun.

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