Last month the report had come that Apple’s new iPhone’s are not being sold as expected. After this, the market reacted resulting in Rs 5,25,800 crore loss although this does not mean that the company’s condition has become weak. Even after dropping Rs 5,25,800 crore in one stroke, the situation of the apple can be judged from the fact that it is booking 50 business class tickets every day for its executives. Apple officials go from the US to China every day. This is revealed by a leak report from American Airline United.

According to a report, Apple spent about two thousand crore rupees in total over a year on the journey of its officials, which is five times as compared to Facebook and Google. American airline United earns around US $ 3.4 million (about $ 240 crore) annually from companies like Facebook and Google.

The leak report also reveals that Apple spends most of its expenses for officers on China (Shanghai) trip. Most of the applet’s hardware are manufactured in cities like Shanghai, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In such cases, the authorities have to come to China repeatedly.

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