Chinese companies have been in the news recently for giving their employees inhuman punishments for mistakes, but a company in China is in the news for the right reasons. A steel plant in Nanchang city in Jiangxi province distributed cash bonus to its employees in a unique way. As per to Shanghaiist, the steel plant built a “cash mountain” with banknotes worth over 300 million yuan ($44 million) to show off the amount being paid to employees as year-end bonuses.

China’s new year is approaching, and most companies are giving bonuses to their employees. The company has distributed cash to its 5,000 employees. Every Lucky Employee got a bonus of Rs 62 lakh at the end of the year.

An employee told Shanghiist, ‘This is such a big bonus, I do not understand how to spend it.’ This is not the first time that any Chinese company has adopted a great way to share the bonus. Last year a company had put its employees in a gash-free cash grab. It was allowed to collect cash within a limited time.

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