What is the key role that Facebook has played in the world at the present time can be judged by the fact that even after being entangled in controversies, social media website Facebook has increased its number of users. Facebook’s profits rose 61 percent to $ 6.9 billion in the December quarter on this increased number. The company gave its information on Wednesday. The company said that in the fourth quarter of the year, its revenues rose 30 percent year-on-year to $ 16.90 billion.

Meanwhile, the number of users of the company has increased by 9 percent to 2.32 billion. The company’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said on the rise of Facebook users that “the growth of our business is continuing and thanks to all of our Facebook users, we expect people to follow Facebook in a similar way.” “After the number of users of the company increased, the Facebook stock shot up 7.70 percent and reached $ 161.99. The number of employees in the company has increased by 42 percent to 35,587.”

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